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In the vibrant city of Washington, D.C., a multitude of government agencies are regularly entangled in legal affairs, often requiring the services of professional D.C. process servers.

Serving legal process to government agencies entails a distinct set of protocols, owing to the distinctive nature of these governmental entities.

The procedures for process serving legal documents to government agencies, using a D.C. Process Server, can vary, contingent upon the jurisdiction and the specific legal context.

Welcome to - Your Leading Washington D.C. Directory of Process Servers Who Serve Legal Documents in Washington D.C., is proudly shining as the foremost beacon in the legal world directory service business, guiding you to an exclusive world of the best D.C. Process Servers. As the guardians of this prestigious directory, we are A.C.E. Technology Inc., a Florida-based, nationwide company, enriched with a wealth of thirty years of experience in the field of process serving and directory services listing the most experienced process servers for the legal and finance communities.

Leading our charge is Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Hammer Levey, a versatile luminary with an extraordinary background as a former U.S. and State Government Contract Investigator and Federal Agent. Holding esteemed titles such as Court Licensed Process Server, Sheriff Appointed Special Process Server, Notary Public, and CEO of the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corp. and International Private Investigation Agency, Jonathan's extensive experience in legal support services is only a part of his multifaceted expertise. He is also a tech fanatic, a Certified Web Master, a Licensed Digital Engineer (License No. E9800324), a Programming enthusiast, a Certified Google Development Partner, a Domain Name Portfolio Manager, and the ingenious Digital Organic Developer responsible for over one thousand top-ranked websites, boasting more than ten million published pages indexed on Google and Bing.

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